1.  How will I get paid?
One of X17’s agents will contact you after receiving confirmation of your upload.  X17 will either offer to buy your photos or video for a flat fee OR offer to represent you in the sale of your images worldwide.  In the later case, you’ll receive a monthly sales report and payment for every month your images are licensed anywhere in the world.

2.  When will I hear from X17?
An X17 agent will contact you within 24 hours of your submission.

3.  How much can I make?
License fees for photos and video are wide-ranging.  A magazine can run a non-exclusive image (meaning someone else was right next to you, taking a similar picture and also trying to sell it) at 1/16th of a page for $150.  And then I’m sure you’ve heard of the $150,000 shots — those are exclusive shots of A-list celebs doing something amazing — perfectly framed, sharp, professional-quality pictures.  But hey!  Anything can happen, so try your luck!

4.  What are the rules?
Check out the Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of our site — there’s some pretty important stuff there.